Creating a Positive Customer Experience for Buyers and Sellers while Mitigating Fraud with Etsy

Presented by Lauren Musial, Etsy Project Manager, Risk Solutions

Learn how Etsy finds a balance between friction and a flawless customer experience.
Watch our Etsy webinar to learn how they became one of the most well-known marketplaces in the industry. Other topics include:
  • How marketplace growth affects priorities in the balance of onboarding sellers, building loyalty with buyers, and fighting fraud
  • How Etsy works with buyers and sellers
  • Unique challenges Etsy has faced as a marketplace
  • Advice for early stage marketplaces

Lauren Musial | Etsy

Project Manager, Trust & Safety

Lauren Musial was the project manager on the Risk Operations team at Etsy at the time of this webinar airing. Prior to managing the teams external and internal projects, Lauren was in charge of both new hire and ongoing training for the Risk Operations team. While at Etsy Lauren also created a quality assurance program for Risk Ops to ensure agents were resolving issues accurately, in a timely manner, and according to company outlined workflows and policies. Lauren has experience in many areas of fraud including its prevention and detection, account takeover situations, phishing as well as chargebacks