Increasing eCommerce Sales Through Pre-Authorization Screening

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As the online payments ecosystem evolves and new regulations emerge, forward-thinking industry leaders are taking a proactive approach to pre-authorization screening. Although transaction innovation continues to delight consumers, their friction tolerance has decreased, while digital fraud has increased.

The race to payment authorization is heating up, and experts Dan Jiao, Payment Risk Solutions Manager at Ekata, and Steve Reis, CEO & Co-founder at Sygn, understand how pre-authorization screening can increase your payment approvals. Watch this session to learn how payments and fraud professionals are leveraging machine learning risk model insights earlier in the flow to both reduce customer friction and fraud during the online checkout process.

Learning Objectives:
  • Understanding the challenges of today’s payments ecosystem
  • How technology and data will be key to winning the market
  • Strategies for optimizing pre-authorization risk decisioning

Dan Jiao | Ekata

Director, Asia Pacific Sales

Dan Jiao collaborates with current and prospective customers in the payments ecosystem (including card brands and acquirers) on leveraging global identity verification data in pre-authorization risk models. He brings a strong expertise on subjects like PSD2 and GDPR, with a focus on how these regulations will affect the payments and fraud landscape. Prior to Ekata, Dan received his B.S. in Chemical Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley, and worked in the chemicals industry. In his free time, Dan enjoys trying new foods and playing racket sports like ping pong and pickleball.

Steve Reis | SYGN

CEO & Co-Founder

Steve Reis is the CEO & Co-founder of Sygn, a Seattle-based startup helping merchants improve the payment authentication experience. Sygn provides merchants with a simple API to integrate 3D-Secure, and SDKs that replace the standard 3D-Secure experience with a lower friction experience. Prior to Sygn, Steve was a Principal Product Manager on Amazon’s payment team leading efforts on international payment acceptance, PSD2, gift cards, and more. Steve received his MBA from Yale and a BS from Washington University in St. Louis. In his spare time, Steve can be found pitching investors in Seattle and the Bay area for funding.