Start Preparing Now for the 2022 Holiday Season


With 30% of global holiday sales completed before Thanksgiving in 2021, ecommerce companies need to be ready for the holiday rush earlier than ever this year. That means ensuring your business’ fraud infrastructure is equipped to combat the increasingly sophisticated schemes being utilized today.

Download this infographic to uncover key learnings and trends from 2021 around ecommerce and fraud, expectations for 2022, and how global identity verification data — like from Ekata, a Mastercard company — can enable companies to successfully fight fraud this holiday season.


Are you ready to combat fraud this holiday season?

From 2018 to 2023, online sellers are on track to lose $130B worldwide to online payment fraud.


Download the infographic today! 

Prep for the holiday season by learning about:

  • 2021 online shopping and fraud trends
  • Expectations for 2022
  • Ecommerce fraud trends and preventative strategies

Made possible by the proprietary
Ekata Identity Engine


Sophisticated data science and machine learning, the Ekata Identity Engine combines two proprietary datasets, the Ekata Identity Graph and the Ekata Identity Network. These datasets are built around core identity attributes that are transformed into unique and valuable insights that allows businesses to accurately make risk decisions about their customers.


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Improve Approval Rates


Verify more legitimate interactions to grow and retain your customer base.

Reduce Chargebacks

Catch more fraud to protect your bottom line.

Optimize Manual Review Queues

Make faster risk decisions and approve more good transactions.

Avoid Lost Revenue

Decline the fraudulent transactions while approving more good customers.


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About Ekata


Ekata Inc., a Mastercard company, empowers businesses to enable frictionless experiences and combat fraud worldwide. Our identity verification solutions are powered by the Ekata Identity Engine, which combines sophisticated data science and machine learning to help businesses make quick and accurate risk decisions about their customers. Using Ekata’s solutions, businesses can validate customers’ identities and assess risk seamlessly and securely while preserving privacy. Our solutions empower more than 2,000 businesses and partners to combat cyberfraud and enable an inclusive, frictionless experience for customers in over 230 countries and territories.



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